the beauty machine

The Beauty Machine publication is an artistic research that tackles topics of femininity and the social constructs relating to the notion. With this research the artist explores the surveillance systems that are forced on to women through pop-culture, mass media and domestic architectural typologies. These monitoring mechanisms start from the simple public gaze, which later escalate into serious affects that are experienced by women everywhere. What possibly is the most intruding and outrageous aspect of the "monitoring process" is the fact that it serves as a self-sanctioning tool among women themselves. In average, women monitor each other through subtle, silent precarious acts which often become more assertive when the deviation from the collective normative is detected.

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The Beauty Machine, 2018, limited edition of 20,  handmade latex covers by the artist, 156 pages, 26 x 18 cm, printed by robstolk®, bound by AGIA

© Romy Yedidia, 2020