preserve x 186

"Every day I stumble upon close-up images of ‘perfect’ female body parts; perky, smooth, sculpted objects. Each of these fragments looks like it was cast into a silky smooth mould. These floating body parts have neither context nor gravity."


The way contemporary media represents body image and its meaning quite often insinuates only overly sexualised portrayal of femininity. To deprive femininity from any contextual substance, and assign it only to a basic function of being a visual commodity for the other, is to reinsure perpetuation of one-sided, unequal, distorted constructs that do not offer any space nor potential for further growth. These circumstances situate women in malignant comparative position between what is imposed as a normalised image of feminine, and what they truly are.

Preserve x 186 responds to this perpetual brainwash. This performative sculpture series was executed by long casting sessions of the artist's body parts in public. 
By materialising the pain of remaining still in an unnatural position, Yedidia protested the constant objectification of women and the expectation of them to remain silent.

Preserve x 186, 2017, performative sculpture series, various measurements, photos: Kateryna Snizhko


© Romy Yedidia, 2020