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COZY, 2023, various high-heels, concrete, rebar, various sizes,Jungkunst, Halle 53, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Individual sculpture titles*

COZY (Leave something for the imagination)

COZY (Skip dessert)

COZY (Lighten your skin. Tan your skin.)

COZY (Plump your lips)

COZY (Botox your wrinkles)

COZY (Perk up your boobs)

COZY (Look natural)

COZY (Don't get old)

COZY (Don't be a prude)

COZY (Have a little fun)

COZY (Smile more)

COZY (Don't be like the other girls)

COZY (Don't be intimidating)

COZY (Don't be so emotional)

COZY (Endure the pain)

COZY (Boost his ego)

COZY (Fold his clothes. Cook his dinner.)

COZY (Don't get raped)

*Sub-titles are cited from:

Camille Rainville, "Be A Lady They Said", Writings of a Furious Woman, December 9th 2017,

COZY, 2023, high-heels, concrete, rebar, various sizes.

Installation views from the exhibition Jungkunst, Halle 53, Winterthur, Switzerland, 2023.

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