Belly Love, 2016, concrete, thread steel rods, hardware nuts, 20 x 47 x 37 cm
installation view, U10 Art Space, Belgrade, Serbia, photos by: Nemanja Knežević

belly love

“I am a circle that is trapped inside a square. From within I am a living, breathing individual, but was taught to place myself inside a concrete square corset that will hopefully keep me in control. To preserve the body is to answer social expectations. The corset carries literal weight of a concrete block. It is equally painful and arousing to be in such state. How perverse is the wish to belong! How easy it is to be defined by the other, and so painfully lonely to make a stand for yourself. To carry this social corset, is to acknowledge what I have become.“

The sculpture and performance ‘Belly Love’ reflects on the dynamics of body control, performativity and the social constructs relating to it. The performance portrays the artist’s body in a concrete corset, uneased, standing static while holding a heavy block that slowly applies damaging pressure and weight upon her body. Yedidia ‘wears’ the concrete corset until she reaches a breaking point where she must choose between her own safety and the constructs she is carrying. The work explores and challenges the thin line between self-acceptance and self-hatred. 

Romy Yedidia, Fool Me Once, Shame on You
Romy Yedidia, Belly Love, 2016, still fr

Belly Love, still from video, duration 00:09:15, shot by: Arno Nollen